Advertising Magnets  A pennies per view advertising tool!

Advertising Magnets A pennies per view advertising tool!

Advertising Magnets Business Card Magnets will be another tool as part of your toolbox. They keep you in front of your customer on a daily basis.

Contrary to everyday opinion people do not go to their computer every time they need a service.

Sometimes they look on the fridge for help. Will you be covered at this point?

Take a few minutes or so and view the video and see samples of what you can do to remain visible off-line using business card magnets.

Or just read below.

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you searching for a cost-effective and proven way to advertise and advertise your company 24/7? Then you need business card magnets.

What follows is a dirty secret that not most will tell you:

People do not keep your business card handy!

Don’t misunderstand me, business cards are needed. I sell business cards and they’re useful during the introduction cycle in your business,service.

That being said many people will either throw your card away or put in a draw someplace to never be seen again.

HI, I’m Jim Maher the owner of The Crystal Group. I have been doing advertising since 1991. I’ve sold countless different advertising tools, including more than a million custom designed magnets.

Why magnets? Because they work!

Work with us and this is what you will receive:

-You are going to work with a designer, not clerical support or a pre-conceived computer layout.

-We check your website or social network and see what you are doing so we can fit your brand.

-We will design with your brand as the primary goal and come up with a visually appealing design which will get you noticed.

-We’ll supply you with a proof. (Nothing happens up until you approve your proof). If you need changes, we make sure they are made.

-We’ll supply magnets that are thick, full size, 2 x 3.5 inch (same as a business card).

-We will incorporate your logo or picture(s) FREE.

-We’ll print in full color printing FREE.

-We’ll supply a free of charge PDF online proof.

-We’ll design your ad! NOT do a cut & paste job that matches some pre-conceived format.

-We will supply commercial grade magnets not the flimsy ones that curl.

-We’ll print either vertical or horizontal, whichever fits your business,service.

-Last but not least, the final product features a glossy finish that makes the design really jump out.

Fundamentally they are an excellent part of your off-line advertising. They are not an end all that will solve all problems but a very effective and inexpensive way to stay noticed.

Take a few minutes and watch the video for more details. My company has been doing advertising since 1991 and I have a pretty good idea what works.


P.S. Did I mention the quality and final product is 100% guaranteed and you MUST approve your imprint before we print.

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