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Business Card Magnets For Sale | | 500 for less than $100 | Off Line Advertising – searching for a cost-effective yet proven approach to advertise and market your company daily? The keyword is daily.

One of the best ways to do this is: off-line advertising with business card magnets. Business card magnets are a very economical solution which you can use almost immediately.

Hi, I’m Jim Maher, the owner of the Crystal Group and this web site. I’ve been in advertising since 1991 and I’m still going strong. I’ve sold a huge number of different custom designed advertising tools including over the million business card magnets (and other sizes and shapes).

Don’t get me wrong they’re not all you need in this fast moving world, just another tool in your business tool box.

You’ll still need an on-line presence be it a web site, Face Book page, other social media, videos, etc.

Here is a dirty little secret I want to provide you with about business cards, which I sell. Folks don’t keep your card where it’s visible 24/7 and many just throw your card away!

Back to Business Card Magnets and why the work.

How come I recommend these to my clients? They work! They are visible 24/7. People keep them.

Watch our video, see samples of our work and after that visit our web site for complete details. You can also contact us using the form on the web site.

Work with us and you will receive:

-You will work with a designer, not clerical support nor a pre-conceived computer layout.

-We will check your website or social media network and see what you’re doing so we can match your brand and/or offer our ideas.

-We’ll create your ad! NOT do a cut & paste job that matches some pre-conceived format.

-We will design with your brand as the primary goal and come up with a visually appealing design which will get you noticed

-We’ll supply you with a PDF proof. (Nothing happens up until you approve your PDF proof). When you need changes, we make sure they are made.

-We’ll supply magnets which are thick, with a glossy finish and full-sized, 2 x 3.5 inch (same as a business card).

-We’ll print 100% full color FREE.

-We’ll supply a totally free PDF online proof.

-We’ll supply commercial grade magnets not the flimsy ones that curl.

-We’ll print either vertical or horizontal, whichever fits your business or service.

-Last but not least, the final product features a glossy finish that makes the design really jump out.

Fundamentally magnets are an excellent part of your off-line advertising. They are not an end all that will solve all problems but a very effective and inexpensive way to stay noticed 24/7.

Take a few minutes and view the video for more information. My company has been doing advertising since 1991 and I have a pretty good idea about solutions that work.

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